Atashia & Clayton: Engagements at Sunset Park Las Vegas

Dec 30, 2014  |  Posted by: Megan Stay

It’s not everyday that you get to photograph a couple of high school sweethearts. When I first got an email Clayton and Atashia (or as they affectionately call themselves “Claytashia”) I was smitten. First, they are seriously stunning people, second they are devoted to each other completely, and third the are fun-tastic.

Clayton told me he had been hunting for four months for a photographer that fit their aesthetic. It’s always an honor when a couple chooses me to capture their love but when they tell me they’ve been hunting and hunting and chose me it is really something special. Clayton is a stylist for so his style is very clear.

I think Sunset Park in Las Vegas is very underrated. It’s not used a whole bunch because it’s surrounded by the airport and strip malls. The things people overlook are the amazing mature trees and gnarled branches. They make for some serious leading lines. And despite getting in the way of some frisbee golf a few times it was a total success!

Check back for their wedding later this week!

Clayton Atashia Engagement At Sunset Park Las Vegas 001Clayton Atashia Engagement At Sunset Park 002Clayton Atashia Engagement At Sunset ParClayton Atashia Engagement At Sunset Park 003