Buchanan Family: Henderson Family Portrait Photographer

Jun 26, 2012  |  Posted by: Megan Stay

I’ve known the Buchanans for a few years now. They’re competitive and fun and super laid back about life. Which makes them a joy to photograph. And right at this very second I am at Girls Camp with their oldest daughter, Skylar!

I get to hang out and mentor Skylar in the Young Women’s program at my church and she is one motivated girl! Last year she traveled to Guatemala to bring food and aid to a very remote village of people. It was an amazing thing to witnes it change her mindset.

We headed down to the Smith Center to explore and check out the new, rad art deco inspired spaces and the great art on display at Symphony Park. I’m going to see Wicked there in September! I’m so glad Vegas has decided that it needs more than nightlife on the strip. I’m hoping to be a season ticket holder soon!

Tyler was hysterical and completely livens up this family with his joy for life.

Cade and Casey are as in love as ever. All of a sudden the kids would get these vacant expressions on their faces while I was taking their photos and I’d turn to see a smooch-fest behind me! Fantastic. That my friends is the best thing you can do for your relationship, make out in front of your kids. Haha!

So happy to be a part of this family’s fun! And happy they let me take them to a location they’d never been to before. Brave folks. Brave, brave folks. And look how it paid off!