Make it Monday: DIY Library Card Pocket Wedding Programs

Oct 8, 2012  |  Posted by: Megan Stay

I was contacted by a couple getting married next year who needed some help with their library themed wedding. Such a great idea! There are so many wonderful things you can do with this theme and my ideas were brimming!

I decided to do a simple and adorable wedding ceremony program. I used a few different fonts for the DIY Library Card copperplate (which is standard on every computer), TWriter, and Writers Block. You can find the templates I created: Library Card Pocket and a PDF with the Library Card Layout that you can type over. I laid out the cards so there are 4 to a page so it’s the most cost effective. I recommend purchasing your library card pockets if you have more than twenty to make. They’re relatively cheap, but you can’t color coordinate them with your wedding colors.

What you’ll need:

  • Printed Programs Card Sheets
  • Library Pocket Template
  • Card stock in a coordinating color
  • Paper cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Here’s what the templates look like.

Step 1: Cute your Library Card Programs down to size (make she they will fit in your pocket)

Step 2: Cut Library Card Pocket Template, trace it onto your card stock.

Step 3: Fold pocket flaps and glue flaps to seal. Insert card and wah-la! Finished program!

I hope you enjoy this cute and easy DIY Library Card Program!

Having a hard time figuring out what kind of DIY wedding projects you want to do for your big day with your theme and color scheme? Shoot me an email and I can help you come up with some ideas. Don’t be shy, I don’t bite! meg (at) megruth (dot) com

What do you think? Could you handle this one? It could be great as DIY shower invites or party invitations as well. Totally versatile!


  • Club Narwhal says:

    These are adorable! You are so talented 🙂

  • Meg Ruth says:

    Thanks, Ames! You’re the peachiest peach!

  • Marisela Pesina says:

    Hello Meg, I love your idea! Put cannot download the PDF file or the JPEG template. These will make a great graduation party announcement for my daughter’s party. Can you please help?

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