Make it Monday: Mod Frame Embellishment

Feb 11, 2013  |  Posted by: Megan Stay

Friends and lovers, well my only lover is Sir Luke, so I suppose that should be singular!  Make it Monday is BACK! It may be for a limited time but it’s here today. So you better enjoy!

I buy an insane amount of frames. Usually this happens when I am pushing through crowds of people on Black Friday at Target. I tend to buy cheap generic frames in droves. And they’re boring. Like Milo being pulled to the Doldrums, type boring (if you catch this reference you are my new best friend).

Adding leather and card stock triangles to said blase frames is easy and quick. The toughest part is coming up with your own fancy-pants design. I found my pattern for my equilateral triangles here. I had to look up what type of triangles these were due to the fact that my “A” in Geometry in tenth grade did not carry through to my 20s.

What you’ll need:
  • Card stock, two or more colors
  • Leather, two or more colors
  • Scissors
  • Triangle pattern
  • Glue, my favorite is E-600
  • Pen (not pictured)
  • Art to frame

Step 1: Print template on card stock and cut out shapes. Trace some triangles on leather and cut those out too.
Step 2: Once you’ve got a plethora of triangles to play with, arrange them on the frame in a design most pleasing to you. I layered some of the triangles to add more depth.
Step 3: Use the awesome glue I recommended and secure triangles to the frame. It’s easier to layer triangles prior to affixing them to the frame.

Place your artwork in your frame and enjoy!

Not too shabby, right? Don’t ever feel fenced in by your mundane frame. There are countless things you can do to add a little pizazz. Think of adding in triangles to the image under the glass. It adds more continuity and depth.

If you do this project I’d love to see the outcome. Send your images to meg (at) megruth (dot) com

P.S. You’re great.


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    This is the BEST! I need some geometric crafting in my life 🙂

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