We Love Families: Kieft Family at Paramount Ranch

Jan 2, 2012  |  Posted by: Megan Stay

One of my favorite memories of Allie is from our junior year of high school. We had chemistry together. Allie was so great in school. Believe me she worked for it but she got straight A’s. She was a good friend to have in that class. Anyway one day I show up to class and there’s a test…uhh…what? Yeah, had no idea and had no calculator. And whatever unit we were doing was impossible to do an equation without a calculator. She looked at the first question, looked at me, and just started laughing. It was ridiculous. luckily it was multiple choice so I at least had something to choose from. Once she finished she passed me her calculator. Are you surprised I got my first C in chemistry? I didn’t think so.

Anyway ten years later, sheesh, she’s got an awesome husband and an adorable baby boy. We got together on Christmas eve at Paramount Ranch near my hometown and spent the afternoon introducing Camden to the wild west. He is a serious baby, he means business. But I did manage to squirrel a few smiles out of those smushable cheeks!

Love you guys!