Fourth O’ July

Posted on Jul 6, 2006

So it was pretty much an awesome fourth of July, Family! Although I did not get to experience another pancake breafast or parade a-la Provo it proved comprable an maybe a little bti better.

My roommate Sarah is a genius and had signed up of these emails from River to River (it’s a concert series down in the financial district). So a month ago she told me to sign up for the Belle & SEbastian fourth of July show. And what do you know? I got two free tickets!

The concert started at 3:30ish and the gates opened at 2 so we invited this guy John who we met on Sunday at church and hen Jessica ended up coming as well. Seth had won tickets too, so he and Jason came and then this whole other pack of mormons were there as well. So we had this big ol’ Mormon possee together on the lawn. It rained and stormed a little in between the opener, Martha Wainwright, and Belle and Sebastian. But we made due with the infamous t-shirt quilt (which by the way, mom, has come in quite handy AND I always get all sorts of complements on it!).

I’m going to include the video link because I made a super sweet video of out day at the concert. For those of you without 21st century connections(Kathy get out of the dark ages of dial up! That was so 10 years ago!) I will post some of the pictures. Kath you can always watch them at the Keysers next time you guys all get together.

For the fireworks..well that was interesting. We were trying to meet up with some people but as the fireworks started, far too promptly at 9:00pm, we beganto panic and by the time we got somewhere and decided to stop looking for people and watch the works…it was over. We were kinda ticked because some police officers informed us that they usually ran about 45 minutes and it had been like 15 minutes…

Yancy,Me, Jared, and Hillary after the fireworks

So we pouted on the lawn at battery park for a good ten minutes when all of a sudden more fireworks started going off!!! So we went down closer and watched the second set. It was pretty awesome. We think they were being shot off a barge out by liberty island. We had a couple making out behind us and some kids next to us who kept making the best comments, they were SO excite about fireworks! So in the end it was a grrrreat night! Summer in the city is going quite well!

I miss you all and love you tons!


A Request

Posted on Jul 3, 2006

So Mom requested I post this video.

This was my and Britta’s drive back down to California right before I came out here. Now, this is pretty embarrassing so please don’t judge my singing abilities, dance moves, or wild behavior. I figure if this is as wild as i get we are all ok.

These things happen when you are trying to pass the time on the road

yeah…so…at the very end Britta realized that there was a cop with lights and siren barreling down out lane behind us. Thus the camera falling and mayhem. No worries we did not get a ticket.

And in case you wanted to know the song is called “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas

my first blog EVER!

Posted on Jul 3, 2006

My view from my street! I look pretty greasey though…ahh humidity

So after a month of living and breathing New York City I am finally reaching out to my family and letting you know what is going on with me.

I’ve met some great people out here so far. Although as of yet everyone I spend my time with will be leaving in a month. So that is kinda lame. But I’m sure I will find more people to play with soon enough.

I have been working for Marge Casey + Associates. It’s in the flat iron district on 20 W 22nd St. I have been working a lot with the production people on putting shoots together and such. I’ve been on two shoots so far. One for coca-cola and one for home depot. Coke was kinda boring only because there wasn’t a whole lot to watch besides the guy who was putting all the water droplets and junk on. It was pretty fun to talk to the prop guy. He told me that my music selections were the best he’d heard at a shoot in a long time.

The Home Depot shoot was a lot more fun because I got to help the stylist and watch the shoot a little more up close. Plus there was an actual model, which is a lot more interesting to watch than a bottle with 20 lights surrounding it. It was kinda funny because in some of there lighting situations on the Home Depot shoot I really wanted to get in there an fix something that they were having problems with but weren’t really doing anything about. But seeing as how I am an intern not so possible.

I honestly never thought in my entire life I would ever call a taxidermist. BUT for about two days that is all I did. And in the end the job that I was working on…we didn’t win the bid(in agency talk that means that some other photographer is shooting this $600,000 job instead of us). So if you see an HP ad in the future with animals integrated with mechanical things (like frogs with spring legs) you know who was working on it. Oh well, se la vie.

So most of my free time is spent working on statistics (seeing as how I failed it last semester). It’s not as hard the second time around. But I do have a lot of fun too. Don’t think for a second that I haven’t been living it up in New York during the summertime. It hasn’t been too hot yet. Although the humidity is out of control! I never though I could sweat the second I got out of the shower…but I can.

This is Erik, Me, Jessica, Travis(Jessica’s brother), and Elna

Favorite things to do are

1. Bryant Park Summer Film Series
2. Summer Stage in Central Park
3. Celebrate Brooklyn in, well, Brooklyn
4. taking lots of pictures of us (the people I spend ALL my time with) while we have great fun and good times

I wanted to attach links to all those things but it isn’t working for some reason. I’m still learning this little program so you will have to wait for a couple more posts before I get the hang of it all.

Sarah (my new roommate, yes I’ve already had a roommate change since I’ve been here) and I went out and met my friend Jessica and her friend Natalie in Prospect Park for Celebrate Brooklyn on Friday night. It was a huge turnout compared to the week before when we saw Savion the tap dancer perform with a jazz ensemble. It was pretty awesome even though most of the people I was with didn’t really like the music. Anyway so friday there were tons of people and we had to sit where we couldn’t see.

Sarah, Me, Natalie, and Jessica at Celebrate Brooklyn. As you can tell i just got my degree in photography and am excellent at taking self portraits

Our guide to summertime in Sweat City

We “saw” a couple bands and then were able to move before the big act came on stage, TV on the Radio.The sad part is that we didn’t really like them so we ended up leaving after about two songs. Then when we were transfering on the subway to catch the A train there were some awesome guys playing in the subway at Broadway and Nassau. So we danced until out train came. It was pretty fun and was probably the best thing we heard all night!

Sarah is in this video with the cool musicians. And then me of course!

So on Tuesday I’m going to a free Bell and Sebaastian show with Sarah, Jessica, Seth and possibly this guy named John who we met today. It will be pretty awesome. If you don’t know Belle and Sebastian i suggest you look them up on iTunes. They are very friendly and happy. The show is down at Battery Park, right on the water…or so. So it will be awesome.

Ok well that is enough for this installment. I will be a little less vague during the next post seeing as how I will have less to catch you up on. Feel free to leave me comments or email me. I miss you all so much! and love you tons!

Megan Ruth

This is my apartment. I guess i should include more pictures of it. Let me know if you want any.